Everyone wants to have the brightest, whitest smile and a lot of you have probably considered, or already tried, teeth whitening. However, it may not always be the safest thing for your teeth. Many people have sensitive teeth that can’t handle the at-home whitening kits. Let’s take a more in depth look to make sure you are whitening safely.

Those with sensitive teeth often have to rule out the entire whitening process. The harsh peroxide ingredients found in all whitening agents can cause serious cellular damage inside the mouth, including oversensitivity and gingivitis.

Some patients who have used at-home whiteners experience a “bluish shade” to their teeth from using their kits too often. Damaging one’s enamel is also a possible outcome of too much whitening. The layer of enamel on your teeth, the strongest substance in your body, protects the crowns. Damaging enamel can cause the less-dense part of the tooth, the dentin, to be extra sensitive to hot or cold food and further stimulate nerves and cells inside the tooth.

If teeth sensitivity isn’t much of a problem, you still have to be extremely careful when whitening. Many at-home products suggest four treatments a year, but in reality it’s safer to cut back to only two treatments or fewer. Even leaving the treatments on for too long increases the risk of gum inflammation and other oral problems.

If you’re seriously considering teeth whitening, see us first. A professional cleaning and exam could be all you need for a brighter smile. During your exam, your dentist may find cavities that need to be removed before safe whitening is possible. Book your appointment with us and we can provide advice specifically for you. Give us a call with questions at 843-225-0111.