How to Floss like a Dentist!

Flossing, the long lost stepbrother of tooth brushing, is always in the back of our minds. This simple, yet critical part of your oral health is too often overlooked. According to the blog, approximately 40% of people who floss do so incorrectly. And that’s for those who do floss. Here’s where we come in. Our duty as your dentist is to try and get you back into the healthy habit – and to do so correctly.

Despite what some people think, the correct way of flossing does not include “sawing” back and forth. In fact, this is harmful to your gums and it can erode the tooth. Now let’s take a look at the right way to floss:

begin at the top of the tooth near the gum line, bring the floss down, move onto a clean part of the floss, then go on to the next tooth. It is important to make sure you’re always using clean floss along each tooth because after one use the floss is covered in plaque and reusing that part will only add more bacteria.

Being careful not to jam the floss into your gums too abrasively is also important. This could lead to gum bleeding and extra-sensitive soreness. Flossing once a day is recommended, and it is better to floss at night rather than in the morning. Nighttime is more effective at preventing tooth decay or gum disease by ridding bacteria that would otherwise be nesting in your mouth throughout the night.

There are numerous kinds of floss available, like all-natural, waxed, flat, round and even flavored. To add some fun, you can find varying floss flavors, even ones that are out of the norm. Breakfast Floss has wacky flavors to help you start your morning! Classic mint is our favorite, so use whatever kind you prefer and remember to floss daily. What about you? Are you a regular flosser?