Beginning as young children, we’re told to brush our teeth twice a day to prevent cavities. Consistent and proper dental care is essential to maintain oral health, but there are factors that can help boost the benefits of regular cleaning. One of those cost factors is fluoride, a natural element in our environment, which can help prevent our teeth from decaying, improving oral health. In fact, fluoride has been determined to be so beneficial that our tap water has been altered to contain regulated levels of fluoride to improve our oral health. Not only is this beneficial element found in our water sources, but also in toothpaste. Dentists also place fluoride on our teeth when we get them cleaned every six months. Fluoride, it’s everywhere and it’s giving us a helping hand.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported two thirds of 16 to 19-year-olds experience tooth decay and 25% of 2 to 5-year-olds have one or more cavities. Proper care of our teeth is important and the use of fluoride is necessary to aid in the prevention of tooth decay. Over the years, scientists have observed populations who consume excess amounts of fluoride and concluded it having negative health side effects. It is reported by the Fluoride Action Network that individuals may experience hypersensitivity, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and much more.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency regulates the fluoride in our drinking water, with a standard of 4.0 mg/L, to ensure negative health risks from occurring. Too much of anything is bad for our body, but completely removing fluoride from our water, toothpaste and dental offices will only allow tooth decay to progress within our society. Ask Bridge Dental about fluoride and treatments today at 843-225-0111 or visit us on Facebook.