There are a variety of mixed views on pregnant women obtaining oral health care because of potential negative side effects. Precautions for expecting or pregnant mothers include sedation, pharmaceuticals and X-rays. However, research shows that receiving dental treatment is generally safe while pregnant and The American Dental Association emphasizes that there are health benefits for the mother and child to visit the dentist while pregnant.    Image via Here are a few things to consider or discuss with Dr. Adams regarding your dental health and pregnancy:

  • Hormones during pregnancy increase sensitivity and can cause gum disease.
  • If you experience morning sickness, ask about bland tasting toothpaste to help with the nausea. Always make sure you brush immediately after becoming sick.
  • Avoid snacks containing sugar because the chance of acquiring tooth decay increases.
  • Did you know a baby’s teeth start to develop three months into pregnancy? Try to eat dairy products, such as cheese (avoid soft, fresh cheeses) yogurt to aid in healthy development of the baby’s gums, teeth and bones.

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